José Ignacio Rojas Echenique

I am a graduate student in evolutionary biology here at Harvard University. You can reach me at

At the lab

A metabolic model of Methylobacterium extorquens

This is an ongoing project to capture our understanding of this bug’s metabolism and use it to make predictions about how it will evolve.

Clarity: open source laboratory automation

High-throughput experiments are a pain without robotics.

At school

Python group

I organize a group of my fellow graduate students for an informal introduction to computer programing. I write some of my own material but also use material from Software Carpentry.

OEB100: Evolution in action

I am designing and teaching the lab section of this course.



Personal lab strain database


Protocols, media recipes, and everything else bench.


A set of small wrapper scripts around the EMBOSS biology toolset.


A tiny shell script that lets you visualize cells in a table as pixels in an image.


How this site is made.

My CV [pdf]

A boring, arbitrarily organized, and very long document that every academic used to have to maintain.

A simple proxy for the Harvard libraries

I made this page to help fellow grad students get off-campus access to journals that the Harvard libraries subscribe to.